Dear Valued Member:

As you are aware, we converted your accounts from the previous Marriott Employees’ Federal Credit Union (“MEFCU”) banking system to the USALLIANCE Financial system this past weekend. We recognize that this conversion process has caused disruptions for some of you, and it has raised many questions about how these changes will affect your deposits, payments, and digital banking experience.

First, I want to assure you that while your accounts have all been moved to our system, our work is not complete. The USALLIANCE team is continuing to implement updates that will improve your experience. We are listening to your feedback, and many of the significant updates that affect debit card access and digital banking access have been resolved. More updates, including transferring historical transaction records from the MEFCU systems into the USALLIANCE systems, will be coming this month. This will allow our member services team to assist you better.

We understand that you might have experienced delays or difficulty getting in touch with our contact center. We pride ourselves on high levels of member service, and we’re committed to reducing hold times and improving our service to you. Throughout this process, we are updating our Frequently Asked Questions page daily. We encourage you to check the page if you have a question about your account.

We’re excited about the account features and options this conversion will open and make available to you. We are committed to delivering exceptional value to you through early direct deposit, lower fees on deposit accounts, nationally-recognized savings rates, broader loan availability including mortgage, home improvement, credit builder, and emergency loan options, as well as a world-class digital banking experience, and more.

As a member-owned cooperative financial institution, it is our commitment to serve you. We thank you for your engagement and look forward to serving you and meeting all your financial needs.


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Brett J. Wheeler

Have questions about the conversion or your account?

See our FAQs below!


Upcoming Changes to Your Account

This important information is being provided to you by USALLIANCE Financial to help guide you through the upcoming changes to your account. These changes are a result of USALLIANCE Financial merging core operating systems with MEFCU Direct.

We ask that you please pay particular attention to the following items as we anticipate they will have the greatest impact on your account relationship with USALLIANCE.

Member and Account Numbers

As part of this transition, you may receive a new USALLIANCE member number as well as unique account numbers for all of your accounts. We have made every effort to preserve your existing member number and account numbers. You will receive a letter containing your member and account information.


Members will receive a printed version of their September 2023 monthly statement in the mail. Statements will be mailed via the USPS after October 5, 2023. Members who typically see their statements within digital banking will be able to view their eStatement starting in November with their October statement period. Transaction history prior to October 2023 will not appear in USALLIANCE digital banking.

Debit Cards

Your replacement Visa® debit cards will arrive in the mail the week of September 18.

Your new card(s) may be activated prior to September 29. Activation directions will be found on a sticker placed on the front of the card. For joint accounts, each debit cardholder will have a unique card number. This is a security measure should one of the cards become lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised. You may continue to use your existing Visa debit cards through September 28. On September 29, please begin using your USALLIANCE Debit Card.

Automatic Debit Payments

Please be sure to update automatic payment information (to merchants such as iTunes, Hulu, Amazon, etc.) from your Visa debit card to your new number on or after September 29 to avoid any service interruptions.

New Routing Number

The Routing number for USALLIANCE is 221981063. Effective October 1 and going forward, please use this number (221981063) when setting up automatic payments.

Direct Deposit

You do not need to make any updates to your direct deposit information before the conversion.

Our systems have been set up to account for this change and will process your direct deposit as usual during conversion weekend. After the conversion, please contact your direct deposit issuers (employer, Social Security, etc.) at your earliest convenience to provide them with your new USALLIANCE account and routing number. Deposits made using your MEFCU account and routing numbers received after October 1 may experience a slight processing delay.

If you receive direct deposits from Social Security, please contact their offices at (800) 772-1213 after October 1 to update your account information.

Automatic Payments

For any automatic payments you may have, you will be required to update your account number(s) and routing number to your new USALLIANCE information on or after October 1.

Effective October 1, 2023, automatic payments using MEFCU account number(s) or routing numbers may result in delayed processing.

Online Banking

MEFCU’s Online Banking platform will no longer be available after September 28. Beginning on October 1, you will have access to USALLIANCE Digital Banking.

If you previously used MEFCU's Online Banking Platform, you will be able to sign in for the first time using your username and password. If you are new to online banking, please register for Digital Banking by visiting on or after October 1. This process will take less than 5 minutes. We have made every effort to preserve your existing username, but you may be prompted to create a new one upon registration.

Telephone Banking

You may utilize the USALLIANCE telephone banking system, Dial-Up, beginning October 1. For initial access, your default password will be set as the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Immediately upon access, you will be prompted to change that password to one of your own choosing. Please note that check withdrawals are not available through Dial-Up. You may request a check withdrawal by calling Member Services at (800) 431-2754.


Account Information

When will the conversion of my MEFCU accounts occur?
Will I have access to my funds during the conversion?
Will my personal data be safe and secure?
Are my funds safe and secure?
Will my member number remain the same?
I have multiple accounts. Will I have more than one member number?
What if I have an account with MEFCU and USALLIANCE?
When should I expect to see my monthly statements?

Deposit Products

Will my member share change?
Will my IRA change?
Will fees be different?
What is the USALLIANCE routing and transit number?
Will I need to order new checks?
What will happen to my bill pay information?
How can I make deposits to my USALLIANCE deposit accounts?

ATM/Debit Cards

Will I receive a new ATM/Debit card?
When can I activate and use my USALLIANCE ATM/Debit Card?
Will my ATM/Debit PIN change?
What surcharge free networks are available

Credit Cards

How do I access my credit card information online?
When will my MEFCU credit card convert to a USALLIANCE credit card?
When will my credit card reward points transfer?
Are there any changes to the rewards program?

Direct Deposit, Payroll Deduction, & Automatic Payments

What will happen to my current direct deposit?


Will my loans change?
Where do I mail my loan payment?

Account Access

Will I still be able to access the MEFCU Contact Center at (800) 821-7280 after October 1?
Will the MEFCU website ( remain accessible?

Digital Banking System

Do I have to re-register for digital banking?
What information do I need to register?
Will my Username (Sign-On) ID and password remain the same?
Will I be able to view prior account history in Digital Banking after the conversion?

Telephone Banking

Will the phone number to access MEFCUDirect Telephone Banking change?
Will Telephone Banking be available during the conversion?
What transactions can I perform using Dial-Up?

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