Visa Debit Card

Overdraft Privilege

When you "opt-in" to Overdraft Privilege, we will cover your costs* (up to $1000) if you do not have enough funds in your account for your purchase at ATM/Point of Sale (POS) and everyday debit card transactions.

Enrolling is easy! Enter in your full name and email address in the form on this page, then click the "Opt-In Now" button. It's that simple! Now you can rest easy knowing you'll be able to make the purchases you need, when you need them.

Opt-in to Overdraft Privilege

By clicking the "Opt-In Now" button, I confirm that I have read and understand the Overdraft Protection & Privilege Disclosure regarding my right to opt-in for USALLIANCE Financial's overdraft practice regarding payment of my ATM/POS and everyday debit card transactions.

I understand that I will be charged a fee of $15.00 each time an overdraft is paid for any of the transactions noted above. I understand that there is no limit on the total fees per day that I will be charged you for overdrawing my account.

I understand that I have an ongoing right to revoke this consent at any time.